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ASSETS is a project led by artist David Beattie happening across multiple sites in Dublin city centre from the 15th of October - 19th December.

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Through a series of interactions with physical, augmented and virtual objects, ASSETS examines the role of the human hand in image recognition and digital technologies. The project hopes to discuss the complex network of physical and non-physical interactions we now experience as a society, thinking about haptic feedback from physical and virtual objects, and what might get lost in between.

cillian still2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Figure 4 - Frank and Lillian Gilbreth’s untitled cyclegraph (light assembly study), c.1913

ASSETS is a multi-platform project that includes an augmented reality app, a printed publication, an exhibition of physical objects and commissioned artworks by Cillian Finnerty and Ellie Niblock.


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Supported by the Arts Council, Dublin City Council and Science Gallery Dublin

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