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For more information on the events at IMMA and to make some of the delicious recipes at home, download the pdf here.

You can also find some reading related to the project below.

Microbiopolitics of Milk

Tour of the Question

Milk waste

Bó Mhór is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that aims to highlight the importance of food waste within the climate crisis debate, exploring milk preservation as a process of preventing food waste. Led by artists David Beattie and Michelle Darmody, in partnership with Spirasi, a group of individuals seeking international protection in Ireland will share stories about cheese making in their own cultures and demonstrate how to produce a selection of cheeses and yogurts in the home. Over the course of the Earth Rising Festival at IMMA, participants can experience some of the basics of cheesemaking and learn other delicious recipes that can help reduce milk waste in the home.

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